First ever art GeoTour trail

England’s Creative Coast tempts visitors to travel to and between the outstanding galleries along the South East coast through new cultural adventures. Using Geocaching – GPS enabled treasure trail technology , visitors  find, unlock and log new world-class cultural experiences, both physically and digitally, that have been created by the local people that live in each place, connecting to the new art works created by leading UK and international artists. Working with Geocaching HQ and the Geocaching Association of Great Britain, in 2020 England’s Creative Coast is launching the first ever art GeoTour in the world.

What is geocaching?
Geocaching is GPS-enabled treasure hunt, using smartphones or GPS devices, to find hidden caches.

  • Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the cache (container) hidden at that location
  • Caches are graded according to their accessibility and their content. They can be simply a container with a log book (or visitor book) linked to online content, an object, or prize.

There are:

7 million active geocachers worldwide
Over 3 million geocaches in over 190 countries
Over 360,000 cache owners
1,452,895 caches in Europe
35,000 events annually
In 2016 geocachers hide a geocache every minute of every day!